Hello all,

My name is Russell, friends call me Russ but call me Russell if you want to address me by my first name. I am eighteen years old and I go to a commuting college. I have two brothers a mom and a dad.

I guess you can say I live an average life, which I am fine with. But there are a few things people think aren't average about me. I like taking long walks on boardwalks near the sunset time with my girlfriend, whom I deeply love. It just relaxes myself and lets my thoughts just float and transcend into the atomsphere.

When I make a big decision, I try and think about the long term issues with everyone in the decision. That's why I might not take a lot of risks, which people complain about me. But I hate living with regrets since I felt I lived a life of that already.

I used to be a big anime / manga fan but I mainly fell into being a manga fan. I really like Naruto but it really isn't my favorite. I really like HxH, Eyeshield, 20th Century Boys, Gantz and Worst!. Liking anime and manga isn't a thing a lot of people know about me in real life, I just never wanted to express it.

I do play video games! I have an Xbox 360 and a Wii which I enjoy both a lot. I think Xbox was probably my favorite console ever, I just spent so many hours of enjoyment with it. PS2 and the Gameboy's are in a close 2nd. It's too early to judge the Wii and 360 yet. Wii is just fantastic with the controllers and Brawl!

That's about all I can think now. I'll try and keep all of you who read these things in touch, every few days. Might even treat a few with porn for viewing!

- Aal