and my only outlet is the internet. Many nice people keep trying to give me advice but my anxiety keeps coming back. I just don't fit in here. This neighborhood is to dead for social connections to be formed. You should see the place in the day. It's a nightmare. Maybe one or two people move about on the street.

I make excuses but even if I asserted myself there is no one to assert myself to. When I went out the other day the people I saw were seniors and middle aged. The only youth I saw were employees , though I did see a group of high schoolers probably in from a field trip. Hell if I would try to talk to them. I'd come off as an old creep. There were literally no options that day. Basically, all I had and could have that day was what I got, some bbq wings.

Everyone I could probably talk to is off on spring break. God, I know no one in this neighborhood. But I didn't know anyone in the last neighborhood either. Here I practically never see my neighbors. The silence in this neighborhood is deafening. Looking outside sometimes is like staring into the abyss. I wish I had a bike so I could ride it up to the street to the rich neighborhood where I'd get mistaken for a burglar and arrested.(lol black people)

Krickitat gave me some advice about going on Craigslist and looking for dates. But the fact I live with my mom negates that whole idea. I can't tell my mom I'm off to meet some girl I met on the internet. (She'd never drive me to that:(]

The best I can do right now is wait for the next quarter. I'm taking a class with my only RL friend and we're gonna trade games like 10 year olds! OH BOY! Perhaps there will be wimminz. Probably not, but here's hoping again. (I talk to a person in the last me and him were in together maybe something good will happen this time)

My life is like walking on a treadmill without the health benefits.