Can I do it?

That's a rough estimate of the number of books and the timeline I have to complete them all. Basically, I'm already in my second year of graduate studies and the monotony of it is starting to grow on me. Furthermore, I've realized that I'm an expert procrastinator, which doesn't complement the typical graduate student. Despite my displeasure with my program, I want to complete it in a timely manner. I do not want to be one of those 5-6 years MA students still lurking around the history department with no direction other then the perpetual advice of "Please just hurry up and finish."

Sadly, throughout these two years. I've been seeking escapes from my obligations. I resumed my banking career after leaving so I can focus on school. I started finding new hobbies and interests to distract myself. I've bitched about this before. None of these rants are shocking revelations.

I want to be done, preferably by May 2008, but realistically December 2008.

It all comes down to a 4 hour written exam on 80 books I need to master. I've already completed about 20 of these books, but I got 60 more to go. I don't plan to just log onto Jstor or Project Muse to find book reviews and consider that reading. I've gotten away with that for 3 semesters already. I plan to actually sit there and skim these books from beginning to end (no one reads these verbatim and those that do tend to do a superfluous amount of work).

I'm not sure how I'm going to complete all that work in that short amount of time, but its my aim. Even if I'm not ready by May, at least I'll be well prepared for December instead.

In the mean time, I'd like to nurse my neck and shoulder spasms. I'm in so much pain. :arg