Alan Turing was a great man.

He invented codebreaking devices that greatly aided the British in the second world war. He, by all rights, should have been decorated as a war hero.

This kind and gentle man helped the war effort, and is also known as the father of modern computer science. He created mechanical computers, but computers nonetheless. His achievements have aided us to this day - we still refer to some of his works.

He is the father of modern computer science, and a war hero. Yet, this great man, when returning back to his normal life after the war, found that his house had been broken in to, and the subsequent police investigation found that he was in a homosexual relationship, he was given the choice of prison or chemical castration. He chose the latter, and faced discrimination, and lost his job. In shame and humiliation, this great man committed suicide by eating a cyanide-laced apple.

Some of us will hold your memories on, Alan. Though you may be dead, your memories live on.