This is just some more info bout me so yeah. Anyways I LOVE Naruto. I'm ADDICTED to roleplaying. Usually spend weekends with friends caus were AWESOME. My bff is well I call her Usagi and there IS a reason I just DONT feel like explaining. My fav. subject in school is either Language Arts or Geography. I HATE math and I dislike my science teacher at times. I cheerlead and do various martial arts. I also like to ride dirtbikes and four-wheelers. Most of my spare time is used for roleplaying or singing. I have a VERY busy weekly schedule. Mondays I have cheerleading practice. Tuesday Karate and swimming. Wensday is Tae Kwon Do and more swimming. Thursday play practice. Friday and Saturday I have more swimming. Sunday is my ONLY day off so I usually spend it with friends, at the beach, or heping out around the community. So yeah sometimes I think I DONT have a life when I really do. Yeah, I know, I have A LOT of swimming practice, but thats caus it's probably my FAVORITE thing in the world and I enjoy it and I'm already a fast swimmer but I want to get faster. I've won about 30 medals from competitions JUST from swimming alone. So anyways thanks for reading, this bio thing. :nuts