Not much to say here that I haven't already. I suppose I'll graph it out.

General Crap
Akinari ~ My real name in Japanese
Itachi ~ Bad-Ass

Naruhina ~ Best-Couple-Ever
Sasusaku ~ Better than that NaruSaku, people!
Manga ~ English Anime = SUCK (Bleach Excluded)
Chuck Norris Jokes ~ Don't judge, he will eat you.

NaruSaku ~ H8!!!
Manga/Anime Haters ~ Screw them. They ought to shut it.
Strange Fonts ~ Freaky as heck.

Now that we are past that, I best tell you that my blog is a place for me to voice my opinions, no matter what they are. If you don't like something I do or say, feel free to say something, just no relentless flaming, K folks?