Today i got to do something about the hdd space i got on my mac.

I got the last generation G4 powerbooks and they got like a tiny 80gb drive standard so it ain't much to go on and with me paying attention to Naruto, Bleach, Stargate Atlantis and various other shows and trying to have everything readily available it gets to be quite tight on space on it.

Up till now i have been juggling between alot of things and have had like 500mb free at most times. While i do have an external drive, because if it being NTFS file system i can only read whats on it, i can't write to it. To do that i would at least need the new Intel macs in order to have a chance at that, but since i don't i am all out of options.

But today i was simply forced to copy it. The computer was slow as hell (probably cause of the crappy file system it uses which is HFS or something i think)

Anyway, i managed to net link it with my dads pc so i could just interact with it directly through a networking cable so i was able to move about 30gbs which made a world of difference.

Prior to this even surfing the web was slow, but after doing that transfer the machine was pretty quick to respond.

I just hope i get my new pc components soon cause i would really like to use my windows pc because it has more space, is generally quicker to do things and because i want my laptop to be a working horse.

Effectively i prefer to have a laptop over the small memory sticks because you can't edit and change stuff on them, you can on a laptop. In addition you will in many cases have to backup stuff and replace what you had to change and stuff and get all messy (kinda like the little segment i am writing now) to get things right at a later time and a laptop skips all that. All i gotta worry about with it is where i placed the files, but then again unlike on a memory stick i can actually search that here.

Anyway, i recently started (and finished) the entire released manga collection of FMA and i think it is a rather amusing show and i can't wait for the new chapters to be released. I googled after some images of Winry Rockbell from the show (she was soooo cute! :wink ) and i found this high resolution wallpaper with her doing a very (very very very very) sexy pose. You see it in my avatar but at the moment i am doing some small edits to the original and cleaning it up a bit because some areas where a bit odd and i will be posting it as a part of my new sig later on, and i am sure that many of you will like it just as i did, many of you have probably already seen it (linked in my current sig)

What i will be doing is removing the background and shadow (basically everything that isn't a part of the character) and leaving her alone. I am also correcting those parts of her where it seems as if the paint job is runny. (already done with that in fact, and you can't really tell it was there)

Gosh i can't get over how cute i think she is. I hope i get to meet an equally cute little lady to fall in love with in real life smile-big