and I'm trippin balls again seein shit like I always do when I listen to him. So now I'm thinking of what to do. I've played a little more Fate/Stay Night passed the first day. Can't wait to get through the Fate route so I can get to UBW and see Archer at his GARest. So I'm workin on mah story. I'm workin on more pseudo villains and shit. I can't say villains cuz there's practically no heroes here. I like this group. They're badass and they do badass things. Now all I have to do is get past the setup point. I've been stuck at the setup point forever.:cry But bonds must be formed and the lines of fate must be drawn. Characters must cross paths however briefly. The stage for something huge is almost set. Some preparations must be made. Some players placed.

Originally, posted in the Blender but they never give a fuck.

I think my right click is broken. It's such a pain in the ass to right click now.