there is a legendary taile in my culture thats speeks of carma
there were a couple of very good freinds and one day one betryed the other he dropped him into a well and left him for dead
that night the man was hungry and scared when he heard a group of hyena talking the talked about a country that was in a beter drought they said that if the root of the only tree are cut the trees will come to life they also talked about a king daughter who was un able to give birth they said that if the king gave her the fourty thousand poison tree she would not die but would give birth and that the city that was flooding a demon had opened awell as big as the ocean and that they neede the corpse of the dead priest

the next day a man drnking from the well heard the man and pulled him out that day he told the king every thing and when it was prooven that it was true he was given the job of king advisor and millions in gold

one day the man saw his freind and because he was honest he told him about the well the freind run to the well and waited for night the hyenas tld each other of what hapened they one said that there was someone in the well who was listening to their conversation and burried the well with the greedy freind in it