First, the scene itself. Splitting the blackhole causes the swartzenchild radius to fall apart and expose the naked singularity, which could lead to a second Big Bang. Nono then takes the naked singularity away to the multi-dimensional space

In an interview from the DVD booklet, it mentions that they tried to depict the cosmic censorship hypothesis (and have an endnote to the scientific description of such), says that Nono seems to have already experienced her and Lal'C seeing the skylarks, so that she and Lal'C may indeed see the skylarks together at some point in the future.

Diebuster! DVD booklet said:
-The cosmic censor scene was powerful.
We visually depicted the cosmic censorship hypothesis* (laughs). The content described appears to be like Nono's wish, and as it is told as though real, it can also appear as if Nono may have already experienced this. Nono vanishes beyond the gravitational singularity and goes beyond time. Thus in the near future, or the far, far future, Nono and Lal'C may go to see skylarks together.

*Cosmic censorship hypothesis
A theory that a "naked singularity" could hypothetically exist, but that it will be found to be forbidden by some physical law, as though someone is censoring it. Proposed by Roger Penrose (born August 6, 1931).
Later on the same page, for another question, Kazuya Tsurumaki says that Nono watches over time for eternity.
Diebuster! DVD booklet said:
-The content of the final episode matched the title.
It was me who recommended that work to Mr. Anno, saying it was interesting. People who have read ait may understand this, but the story of Gunbuster 2 is a little close to that work. Nono who watches over time for eternity and Lal'C growing old. I can't say they are similar, but thematically, they are close.
This would mean that Nono exists outside and beyond time, and can seemingly perceive events in a non-linear manner, as well as the scientific concepts of the naked singularity and cosmic censorship being researched.
Earlier from this same booklet, it points out the singularity has infinite mass and zero volume.

Diebuster! DVD booklet said:
From the center of a black hole singularity - where mass becomes infinite and volume becomes zero - to a certain spherical distance (the Schwartzschild radius), the escape velocity is faster than light.
Nono holds the naked singularity in her hands, and even just one hand.


This is not new information; it's been around for a few years. But I looked for Diebuster! interviews, and found this;
小黒 最終回に出ていた「多元宇宙内 時空検閲官の部屋」って、SFに詳しい人にはすぐピンとくるものなんですか。
鶴巻 分からないでしょうね(笑)。
佐藤 公式ページにブラックホール講座がありますので、ご覧ください(笑)。
鶴巻 SFっていうのは、一般の人には全く興味のない事なんです。『フリクリ』のファンに、「SFの部分はあんまり興味ない、むしろなくてもいいです」みたいに言われて、がっくりくるんだけど(笑)。ただ、ドラマにSF的な部分をガッツリかませようとすると、その事に時間を取られちゃうので、それをどうするかは悩む部分です。「多元宇宙ナントカ」みたいのは、それこそテロップ1枚入れればいいだけだから、説明する手間をかけずにSFを描ける、という事ではありますね。
Oguro: Is the "Space-Time Censor's Room in the Multiverse" ," which appeared in the final episode, is a pin for those who are familiar with SF (science fiction)?

Tsurumaki: They wouldn't understand it (laughs).

Sato: There is a black hole course on the official page, so please take a look (laughs).

Tsurumaki: SF (science fiction) is something that the general public is not interested in at all. I'm disappointed when the fans of "FLCL" say to me, "I'm not interested in SF (science fiction) part, I don't need it" (laughs). But if we try to cover a lot of SF (science fiction) in the drama, it takes up a lot of time, so it's a problem for me to decide what to do about it. In the case of "Multiverse Nantoka/Nantka" all you have to do is put a single caption, so you can draw SF (science fiction) without having to explain it.
m going to try get this properly translated by a human and not just a machine, but from what I can see of it? "Multi-dimensional space" is a mistranslation of "multiverse" (this happens quite a bit with translation; "multi-dimensional labyrinth" in Gurren Lagann really translates to "Multiversal Labyrinth"). So Nono has taken the naked singularity from the universe into the further multiverse.

A previous interview (or part of this interview), says that the last episode is developed on the universe scale, but is concentrated on Lal'C's story (once again, I'll need to get a proper translation of this).
小黒 最終回は宇宙スケールで展開しているのに、ラルク個人の話に集約されているじゃないですか。これは元々の狙いなんですか。 鶴巻 最終的には、榎戸さんがそういう流れを作ったという感じです。僕のプロットでは、そこまで個人的なものにはなっていなかったとも思う。例えば、冒頭の長老の人達とラルクが会話するシーンで「地球を犠牲にしてもいいのか?」と長老が言うと、ラルクが「人類を救うためにはそれしかない」と答える。あそこは、(プロットでは)もっと大局的にものを見ているラルクだったと思います。
Oguro The last episode is being developed on the universe scale, but it is concentrated on Lark's personal story. Is this the original aim? Tsurumaki  Ultimately, I feel that Mr. Enokido made such a flow. I don't think my plot was so personal. For example, in the scene where Lark talks to the elders at the beginning, when the elder says, "Can I sacrifice the earth?" Lark replied, "There is no other way to save humanity." I think there was Lark looking at things more broadly (on the plot).
And if all of that isn't enough? The when talking about the potential to use a blackhole as a fuel source, the science lesson says that the singularity at the central mass of a blackhole is infinite.





Theoretically, the mass increases to infinity as we approach the center of the black hole. As a result, matter will collapse under its own weight before it disappears beyond the horizon of the black hole event.
Moreover, in the case of a small black hole, a huge tidal force is applied before that, and the fallen material is torn off. Black hole power generation is

trying to utilize this power . A black hole sucks in anything and does not spit it out, so if you make good use of that sucking power, you can extract energy. If you compare this theory to the real world, just as a hydroelectric generator converts gravitational energy into electrical energy by flowing water stored in a dam, gravitational energy is converted into electrical energy by throwing substances into a black hole. Convert. However, the problem is what to do with the equipment for that purpose ... However, the mass of a black hole is infinite at its central singularity, and its gravitational gradient is so great that the energy obtained from it is not considered to be comparable to hydropower. With good control, black holes can be a great source of energy. By the way, an electromagnetic field is generated around a naturally existing rotating black hole, but it seems that there are actually some that generate electricity because the electromagnetic field fluctuates by sucking in substances.

It then goes on to say that as the Naked Singularity has infinite mass but zero volume, it's impossible for a naked singularity to exist in realspace. The event horizon is therefore, censoring the singularity. It also says that as the Universe originated from a singularity, the singularity could be a source for a new universe. It also says there's a theory that the singularity is ring-shaped, and beyond it is another universe. Ergo, getting passed the censorship and exposing the naked singularity could allow for travel to another universe.

第1回の解説では、ブラックホールの中心には特異点と呼ばれる体積0、密度無限大の領域が存在するという話をしました。 だとすれば、破壊されないまま事象の地平線を突破することができれば、その物質は特異点にたどり着くはずです。

問題は、特異点はあくまで計算によって得られた理論上の存在で、体積はないくせに密度は無限大という、現実の世界には存在しえないだろうという点です。 逆に言うと、だからこそ、事象の地平線が存在し、我々の目から特異点が見えないようにできているという考え方もできます。




Substances that have been sucked into a black hole and crossed the event horizon will never be able to leave. So where would the substance end up if it remained uncrushed by the high gravity of a black hole?

In the first commentary, I talked about the existence of a region called a singularity with a volume of 0 and an infinite density at the center of a black hole. If so, if we can break through the event horizon without being destroyed, the substance should reach a singularity.

The problem is that the singularity is a theoretical existence obtained by calculation, and although it has no volume, its density is infinite, which cannot exist in the real world. Conversely, that is why we can think that the event horizon exists and that the singularity is hidden from our eyes.

According to British physicist Roger Penrose, singularities cannot exist in nature, so the mechanism is such that "naked singularities" that are not covered by the event horizon do not appear. Penrose calls this the "Cosmic Censor Hypothesis" because the universe seems to be censoring the exposure of singularities .

On the other hand, Penrose, along with physicist Stephen Hawking, mathematically proves that the universe started from a singularity according to the theory of relativity. In other words, the singularity is the source of the new universe .
There is also a theory that in the case of a rotating black hole, the singularity is ring-shaped, and beyond that, a completely different universe extends.

In other words, if we can avoid censorship by the universe and expose this singularity, it may be possible to use it as a passage to another universe, or even create a new universe.

Summerizing the applications of a singularity engine, it's stated that time travel, an incredible amount of energy generation, inter-universe travel and even creating a universe are all ways in which the power of a blackhole can be exploited. It concludes by saying the Exelio Variable Gravity Well is thought to be able to freely manipulate the blackhole in its body, and by doing such, it's possible that the Excelio Variable Gravity Well may be able to destroy the entire universe instead of creating a new one.




As has been described so far, by utilizing the properties of the black hole,

(1) the future bound for Time Machine
(2) ultra-high-output generator
(3) escape path or another universe of creation to another universe

, such as It will be possible.

The fluctuating gravity source that appears in "Aim for the Top 2!" Has a black hole in its body, and it is thought that its ability can be freely manipulated. If so, it may be possible to destroy the entire universe instead of creating a new universe by using (1) and (2) as well as (3) in the worst case.

In other words, although the number of this fluctuating gravity source is one, its power is so powerful that it can destroy the entire universe, and it is a dangerous enemy that is incomparable to the past space monsters.

Aim For The Top 2! The Perfect Book also states that Nono prevented the collapse of the universe, and watches over from the eternal flow of time.


However, the aftermath of that power causes the blackhole to crack. The uncontrolled crisis that shakes the universe was sealed by the Space-Time Inspection. In the endless flow of time, Nono was returned to this world and became a light.

(Relevant text)

As if to protect the collapse of the universe, she embraced the "unusual situation" and disappeared. And Nono disappeared. She leaves behind an eternal friendship with Lal'C and a thoughtful "singularity". The catastrophe was stopped. Giant red hands are important
So to sum up, Nono and Buster Machine #19 splitting the Excelio Variable Gravity Well's blackhole caused the blackhole to fall apart and expose the Naked Singularity, which would have lead to another Big Bang that would have destroyed the Universe and created another. Nono censors the singularity, holds the infinite mass zero volume singularity in her hands, and takes it beyond the universe into the further multiverse, where she transcends time and watches over it for eternity.

And for the cherry on top, Nono seems to have some kind of intangibility in this form too, and can still control physics through pure maths.