I was on deviantart recently, browsing customization because I had gotten bored of gathering bases (although I can draw, dolling is a bit of an on and off addiction for me) and I noticed a section called "cursors"....
I downloaded several sets and bemoaned not being able to make my own.

This was last weekend, and the next day, I went searching for free programs that would allow me to edit and create cursors, since the person I had inquired to hadn't responded. My result was a simple one. After downloading it and figuring out how it worked, I reached a dead end- I had no way of drawing them, since I am not an expert in pixel art.

That is when I found a set of bases I had saved a while ago- some cute mini-bases, to be precise, that were the perfect size for a cursor.

So I've started a rather extensive project- animated cursors (since the program I found is exclusively for .ani files :sweatdrop) for several of the characters, and the main pairings (mostly yaoi) in the fandom of Naruto.

The List (total- currently twenty(ish)):
Heterosexual Pairings
Naruto x Sakura
Naruto x Hinata
Sasuke x Sakura
Neji x Hinata
Karin x Sasuke
Suigetsu x Karin
Karin x Juugo
Konan x Gaara
Konan x Sasuke (Why wasn't that one listed? It's my OTP...o_O)
Itachi x Sasuke
Naruto x Sasuke
Zabuza x Haku
Sakura x Ino
Kabuto x Orochimaru
Tsunade x Sakura
Lee x Gaara

Subtotal: 16

Sasuke (Neko)
Naruto (Kitsune)
Sakura (Inu)
Ino (Ino)
Gaara (Uhh... what's the word for "Panda"? :sweatdrop)
Suigetsu (Usagi)
Itachi (Neko)
Hinata (Moth- what's the word, peoples?)

Subtotal: 7

Total: 23
Base: (coming as soon as I refind them...)
Inspiration: Call Me Zippy on Deviant Art (also gave me a link to another program XDD Thanks, man!)
Cursors: Uh... me....