Irish beboers might understand the title :zaru

Yeah my first real go at writing a blog, I'll use it to vent some of my frustrations im having

here goes,
my career goal it to be a vet,i already have an A in my double award science and just need one more in that GCSE to get a chance to do biology and chemistry in A levels.RAWR.
This is where the shit hits the fan.

Even if i get my GCSEs' , my current school doesn't offer chemistry and i'll have to go the a grammer school,but that grammer school tends to be a bit stuck up at my school st marys,thier pupils call our school a "maternity ward", the FECKIN CHEEK OF THEM!(i go to a girls high school btw).I suppose i should be more worried about my subjects than what other people think,and ive been losing sleep over the issue, meh , the worst that could happen is that i could be on the dole.

Okay thats me :LOS
By the way any other irish peoples on the forums?juuuuust asking.