This is all about art, not my art by other artists. Art that I use in sigs, art that I admire.

Lets start off:

Amazing artists:

手裏剣FIGHTER is an amazing artist. Please check out the site.

Much much respect for this person.

Really amazing work.

pokefreak (aka DD on NF)
Fantastic Naruto Panels, I can't wait for them to break out. I know DD will be big in the future. Good luck.

Fantastic Artist and Writer, keep up the good work my friend.

Up and coming young artist. She has a amazing style all her own. Myr Good luck!

Who doesn't know PET? Really. :amuse

thatreevesgirl(aka Lemondrop)
Don't let her fool you, she's an amazing artist and writer. (looking forward to your next written work :heart: )

Neko is someone I admire. I'd love to be able to draw like her.

behindinfinity(Aka Jin)
He's best known for his Naruto cos-play. Amazing work guys.

Not all art is images, Trish is an amazing writer. I admire her quiet a bit.

He's best know for his Zanpakuto's. (wooden replicas of Bleach Katana's). Amazing work, he's my hero.

She's best known for her Chibi bleach images.

Vectoring is an art form all to itself.

Art in Signatures:

The Chibi Shiro: Artist wish04
Kakashi X Sakura: Artist ippus