This is a repost of the incredibly popular Ask Believe it! thread. Since the last one was closed, I have reposted it in my blog so that you the members can continue to ask me your questions.

Ask a question about anything or about myself and I will answer it.

Announcment said:
Please do not answer anything directed to me. Do not bash me or my stances either. I request that you do not answer any questions meant for me, but you are free to discuss those questions and my answers.

Answering for me just to bash or flame will be deleted.

For my opinions on what I would do as President of the United States of America, check my other blog entry.

For my opinion on Barrack Hussein Obama and Jack Murtha, check my other blog entries as well.

For my opinion on Haku, check out the Haku was a Girl FC.

Questions I will not answer said:
Anything regarding my true identity, as in my real name, my face, or my location.

My age.

What I look like.

My opinion or thoughts on the NarutoFan Forums Staff.

Info on me said:
I am a Christian.

I am an American.

I am a straight, white, adult male.

I love the United States of America.

I am a gamer.

I am an independant conservative.

I am a computer graphics designer.

My I.Q. was 220 last time I checked, which was a few years ago.

Have fun.

Now for the last few questions to go unanswered in the original thread.

Diceman said:
Do you ever get laid?

No I do not because I believe that sex outside of marriage is a very terrible sin against God, against myself, and against my future wife. Flee fornication, that's what God said!

Amaretti said:
Why do you think that? Is it because you consider yourself important or because you think you are a philosophical subject?

Neither. I believe this is important because those who read it will get a better understanding of who I am and why I think the way I do, and that will lead to greater civility and peace between ALL members on NarutoFan Forums. Believe it!

I also think many people here really want to know more about me and are interested, or at least morbidly curious about my thoughts on various things.

Amaretti said:
I hope it's not the latter because if I had to take Believe It 101 in my next philosophy class, I just might gauge out necessary pieces of my brain with a spoon.

Aww come on. At the least you could come up with a way to counter my stances or way of thinking in various debates.

Kagakusha said:
No one has ever told me it wasn't a choice. In fact, I've had more people tell me it was a choice and that I could change if I wanted to.

Well wait, if no one has told you it isn't a choice, then even one person telling you it is a choice would be "more than". Seriously, has anyone ever told you that it isn't a choice?

And I also agree that some people are not brainwashed to think any certain way. They do so for their own reasons.

Kagakusha said:
And say, someone does "change." How can you ever be certain the change isn't transient?

By waiting a few months or years. Observing where the person is after the change has occured. That gets us past the "its just a phase" stage. The next question is if this choice is permanent. The answer to that is obviously "no", since change is ALWAYS possible so long as the person wants to choose it.

Kagakusha said:
This is the crux of my issue with your stance. I see your logic, but you can't back it up properly because as of now, it's impossible to back up.

Well no. The transient stage has a short duration after the change, correct? Therefore if a person makes it past that point, it proves that the change can be long lasting. Also, a relapse shortly into the change does not mean that change is not possible. It just means that the person failed that time.

As far as long lasting changes go, I would say that there is proof of this as well. There are testimonies of people who have left their gay preferences behind them and have even fallen in love with, married, and had children with a person of the opposite gender. I would say that this qualifies as a change, and so long as that person sticks to that choice and does not make a new one, then the change is an enduring one.

funkmasterswede said:
Are you skeptical of attempts to rationally plan societies, based on some alleged objective set of norms?

It depends what the set of norms are. If they are benefitial and rooted in fact then I support them. If they have little or some evidence of their worth, I am skeptical. If there is no evidence that they are good or there is evidence they are not, then I am rejecting of it.

funkmasterswede said:
In other words, are you a conservative because your religious views correspond with something that is emdedded in American culture or because you see dramatic change as dangerous, because of the epistemological arrogance that it presupposes?

I don't think dramatic change is dangerous. I think dangerous change is dangerous, and I think change for change's sake is foolish. I am conservative because at some point a bunch of people with thoughts similar to mind formed a group that upheld and taught these morals, thoughts, and ideas, and they just happened to call themselves conservatives.

funkmasterswede said:
In the end, are you simply a theocrat or are you a philosophical conservative?

The later. I do not wish America to be theocratic.

The J-Man said:
Who is the smod who has sided with you?

Please read the disclaimer at the beginning. I will not answer questions pertaining to the NarutoFan Forum's staff.

Dragonus Nesha said:
Can you touch your tongue to your elbow without using fingers, toes, etc.?

...I don't think I could even with the use of my fingers or... toes... :oh

Dragonus Nesha said:
Can you fit both feet behind your head?


Dragonus Nesha said:
Can you touch your tongue to your nose without using fingers, toes, etc.?

Yes, the very bottom.