here's a very very (very) slightly edited version of a recent post of mine that was a little long and i think it was a good post so i put it in my blog:

i like basketball. and i guess tennis and maybe some others im too lazy to type that i could have typed instead of typing all this crap.

i is pwnsme at basketball. im not very good at shooting, but when i do make a shot, it is pure ownage and is totally awesome!!! the reason im not that good most of the time at scoring might be because i dont try too much to make it. i actually see better with a hook shot than w/a regular one

but i can rape anyone in stealing the ball. and i mean ANYONE. ill go up next to you and ask for a hug while you face away from me, then ill go for the ball and you turn the other way and im all over and under you and hit the ball between your legs and get it when it comes out the other side and this could sound so dirty if max fuckin shopped it like my first post in hachi. but i can get the big juggernauts who can shoot and the "fast" (but not as fast as me)skinny bastards who can shoot and move around well. i fuck them all up the ass. they are like, *dribble, dribble*
im like babam!
and they are like *whered the ball go?* as i snatch it from the big tall guy named zack and he turns around and i dare to shoot the ball over his head and scoop! bitches! swoosh that bitch right into da hoop like michael jackson i mean jordan...except better.

and thats why i am always chosen as the first or one of the first people on a team when we choose teams, even if you would think someone else would be better.

and btw, i am one of those fast skinny bastards...just with everything i just told you instead of those other skills