In another effort to clear out space in my sig, I've decided to list my E-family in my blog.

My malevolent E-husband Tyki Mikk

My first and best friend on the forums. I've probably PMed him more than I've made posts. He made the Tyki gif you see for me.

Wolfarus{Art Poohbah}
Once, in a far away land known as teh interwebz there was a place called NarutoFan brimming with life. But in one corner of the world there was a darkness where none had dared to tread for it had been deserted for some time, no one had known what had happened there. Was it a monster? Was it a ghost? Or did people just lose interest in Black Lagoon?
"How could this be?" one woman asked as she made her way through the despair. Decidedly she hoisted the flag of Roanapur (which was indecently covered in guns and hookers) and start this land anew. Not long after, people who had not lost the light of BL had flocked to the promised land and with them came a bright man the people affectionately referred to as Wolfy. With Ryoko and Vash in his sig you knew he had good taste.
And so the legend of the Art Poohbah began...

E-Sister Revy {the pervy one}
Another of the first people I came across when I finally came out of lurking on NF. Revy was very welcoming as TxK and we became fast friends. She is legendary for her pervyness.

E-Sister Krisis {The Poet}
I met Krisis when she joined the Anti Naruto FC and she is very intelligent but it took me forever to ask her to join my e-family for some reason. I love the threads she creates, even if they're for characters I dislike because of her insight and her way with words.

E-Sister Zuul {The cartoonist}
Zuul is one of my favorite friends on the forums, partly because of her unique views, even if I don't always agree with them. She is also a very funny woman, I've created a comic corner in one of my FCs for her to let loose her creativity whenever she sees fit.

E-Stalker Tachikoma_Pilot {The Blenderite}
We joined at nearly the exact same time, and were neck and neck for post count for quite awhile before he pulled way out ahead of me, thus the story of the stalker is revealed. He has recommended a lot of good series to me, and we have had a lot of conversations over my time here. When something bad happened that I didn't want to tell anyone else, it was my Pilot that I talked to to help me vent.

E-Friend The_Dei_un {The SasoDei fan}
After a rocky start about the creation of a certain FC, we became friends. Once you get past any differences that you may have with the Dei, you'll find that he's a very helpful and generous friend, and if you ever want fanart or doujinishi, he's got it.

Half of Team Azori with azn_fan_gurl {The Sakura sniper}
Don't get into a debate about Sakura with this girl, she'll pull out all the stops. Her contest entry was beautiful, and she knows how to not let her fellow bashers down. She also has some fabulous taste in other anime/manga if I do say so myself.

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