It's time to publish this entry since there's not much stuff that I could add to it. T__T I wrote this a while back during Uchiha brothers' battle.

Here I am not gonna talk about predictions that come true. Though if you want me to talk about those, I can, too. Ha, no. Here I am talking about the pure sixth sense, absolute extraordinary power found in my not-so-big brain (actually the right name for it is luck), out of the realm of logic and imagination, out of the realm of consciousness. :zaru

I'd never imagine important details of the manga revealed themselves to me without me asking for them. :|

The fight between Uchiha brothers is the fight that many of us are looking forward to. My eagerness to check the constantly updated spoiler threads in Telegrams altered the course of my life towards the truth of the Uchiha power!

In Chapter 386, Itachi reveals to Sasuke that it's possible for Sharingan eyes to become eternal by stealing the eyes from the sibling. Before the RAW was released, I was modding Telegrams and read a spoiler script mentioning eternal Mangekyou Sharingan.

The same afternoon, I decided to meet with a girl in a nearby Starbucks to borrow some notes for homework. We also sat down the table and had a drink. As I looked down, *surprised* I saw this love script.

o.O I kinda zoomed in to see the carving clearly. Somehow my occupational disease reminded me this phrase was related to the Naruto chapter that's about to release. Eternal MS...

Who are M and S? Mary? Sean? Dunno. Who cares. But it's really one of the few imaginable notes left on a random coffee table that would remind you of Naruto. The beauty of it is the person who left the notes had no intention of carving something related to the manga. Yet what a small world in which all kinds of weird things collide and link!

*is about to get too excited over trivial matter*

Moving onto Chapter 391 released just last week, Sasuke performs Kirin and Itachi is about to develop his susawoo. Left alone the yoyo shuriken that Sasuke throws at Itachi, Kirin and Susanoo are probly the most innovative jutsus in this fight.

I didn't notice it when I read 391 last week. But now that I think about it... Just look at the deviantArt that I linked in my sig. Doesn't it look like Kirin a little bit? O.o I put this image in my sig around 3 weeks ago before the chapter came out...

Originally, I was looking for a kite picture, something kids do to have fun, and something relating to the nature. And then I found a kite with a dragon. I thought the dragon was kind of cool and gave the picture a fantasy feel. So I decided to use it as my sig. Does it look like what Kirin turns out to be? ^^

Now Susanoo. The formation of Susanoo block Kirin in Ch 391. It was a transparent material that's shaped like skeleton. Did I see that coming along? Of course not. But one day I suddenly had an urge to put a skull on Itachi's head and posted it in "Edit Itachi's face" thread. I hesitated about posting it. Because I thought it might turn out to be scary rather than funny. But something wicked inside me still urged me to post it. ><

QuoNina;13863124 said:
Spoiler: be warned; it's slightly scary ;3
Now we know where the rest of the body is. D:

Please don't laugh. Good enough luck to buy a lottery ticket?