Well 3 days ago i was home alone and no one do home for 8 hours so i used this time wisely.*winks*
12:00. i thought that maybe i should have a little more fun at one point i streaked up and down both floors of my house nonstop.
2:30. i made the best lunch ever. full of sweets i was amazed at what i could cook.
5:37. you know when you realize that axe and a lighter is so FUCKING awesome, yeah well i lit my whole body on fire outside in the yard then i realized i didn't put enough on my right thigh and some of my right leg:burnkk. It started to hurt so being a dumb ass i just stood there and yelled "OHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD MY LEG AHHHHHHH!!!!":imslow so after rolling in the snow to get the fire out i realized "I HAVE NO MORE HAIR ON MY RIGHT THIGH"
8:00. luckily i was able to hide the fact that i was lit on fire and had no right thigh hair/some random patches on my right leg also that i noticed when i took a shower.
and thats how my awesome day of funness ended.:p