Before finding out about the anime series Naruto back in 2004, torrents and IRC bots were foreign concepts to me. Direct Downloads were restricted to either MU links or pay sites. And P2P networks we're restricted to applications like Limewire and Bearshare for everything from music and file applications to tv shows. However coming to NF taught me much about Bittorrents.

I felt like a total noob in the beginning but quickly got the hang of things. Although to this day, I still only feel comfortable with Bittornado as being my only torrent client.

Running torrents through routers was an entirely different and time consuming mission initially. However now, my torrents usually run anywhere around 80kbps--580kbps which is pretty decent. I also spend most of my times seeding certain torrents to get my ratio back to 1.00.

Spoiler: e.g.

IRC was even a more daunting task. the commands and IRC settings we're so complicated that I was afraid to even try. Then I came across pek's IRC tutorial, and quickly learned to not only navigate IRC channels but request anime episodes and manga chapters from IRC bots. Flash forward to today where I'm now raping Shinsen bot's for episodes and Maximum7's bots for the latest manga chapters.


DDL are the most straight forward way of attaining media. However, finding generous servers or links that don't place limits (i.e. MU, SS, Rapidshare) are very difficult to find. I can understand why newbies to NF would be tempted by Anime/Manga paysites. It's an easy way of getting the anime you want. But they should come to learn that other methods such as BT and IRC are much more practical and helpful tools. And for those living on campuses and are banned from p2p networks, Naruto forum members are kind enough to upload the anime/manga they recently downloaded for those who may have no way to get them otherwise.