My deep, dark feelings about canon-supported and crack pairings that you all wanted to know about. Yes don't lie, you did.

Contains: my thoughts on The Big Three, my personal favorites, and my ewwno ships.

-Is gonna happen. Sakura is the only girl Sasuke really acknowledged, even if he doesn't have enough time for romance now. As for Sakura, her love for Sasuke was not shallow and not a crush, not by the end of part one, and there is no sign in part two that she stopped (getting cold and snarly when Sasori mentioned Orochimaru, surprise!punching Sai for badmouthing Sasuke, a whole page of O_O!! face when they met again, crying in her bedroom over the team picture...) -- besides, if her feelings DID change I would see her like a shallow slut who's just going for whatever is convenient. I don't think she's like that. Her flower is the daffodil after all. She'll stay faithful at the very least until Sasuke dies or openly tells her "no thanks." (and he didn't. He said thank you. Not a yes, true, but still a "I'm happy you feel this way." When you consider that this situation was just perfect for a "I'm not interested" and yet he still didn't say it... His words didn't put an end to the SasuSaku bond. They just put it in stasis.)

I still don't like to read about it much in fanfic. The dynamic is indeniably presented as romantic in canon, it just isn't my kind of romance. :p I'm a rivalshipper at heart. Give me antagonism! (or give me Sakura punching Sasuke in the face. I might grow to ship it hard then. Maybe.)

Also, too many SasuSaku shippers tend to write Naruto as irrelevant or mentally retarded. His friendship is extremely important to both Sasuke and Sakura, and it bothers me when that's not acknowledged.

-Also probably gonna happen because Hinata was created for 2 things: to explore the Hyuuga clan and to make a girl who would love Naruto for himself when everyone else didn't have a clue what he was really like. Her feelings have stayed strong even during the timeskip, and Kishi treats them seriously -- he makes light fun of it, but he also allows her to seriously worry onscreen about Naruto when he's in danger of getting hurt. (she didn't worry like that about Kiba when Kiba got slammed down. Come to think of it, if what she felt was irrelevant and/or just friendship, why wasn't it Kiba or Kakashi going OH NOES NARUTO, hm?) Her theme has to do with improving herself and she wishes to gain the courage to declare herself, and Kishi would have let her feelings go the way of the LeeSaku during the Timeskip if he wasn't going to deal with them, so it will most likely happen. And I can't see Naruto spitting on her feelings when she's offering something he craved so much his whole life.

Oh my god so sweet and fluffy and cute, my teeth are rotting. I so don't want to read about it, keep it away from me. DX

-All their moments are either 1) strongly platonic, 2) all about Sasuke 3) big great jokes that never end in any conclusive way or give any progression.

I love seeing them interact, and I'll read/write stuff for this pairing as long as it treats Sasuke right because they're really supportive, dynamic and fun, but in canon there is not a drop of serious romantic interest from Sakura to Naruto.

As for Naruto, he's proved he was willing to let her go and wouldn't be torn up over it. I know that shows he would make a great supportive partner for her, but that doesn't mean he DESERVES to have her and so he should have her without regards for her own feelings. It means if she chose Sasuke, he could live with it easily enough -- especially since he loves Sasuke too and he'd be glad to see him taken care of, and he has known Sakura loved Sasuke forever so it's not like he's not expecting it.

She knows what Sasuke is like. She knows he's broken and not as cool as she thought he was. She still wants him. She doesn't want a white knight -- she's grown past that.

People keep comparing it to a tsundere pairing, but most of the time the said tsundere is shown to blush and be flustered by her intended romantic partner, and to hesitate to declare herself, only to have the guy do something silly and prompt her to yell and retreat, flustered, vowing that never again will she hope she could let herself be vulnerable with her feelings to him. Sakura is not like that. She beats Naruto openly and for reasons that have little to do with him somehow making her rethink her crush.

They make great partners on missions and that means they might make great partners in life as well if romance started developing between them (which it just won't as long as there's Sasuke to think of), but there's almost no romantic development between them in the manga.

-Is already canon, bitches.

-Ditto, they're just waiting for Sasuke to drag himself home and then they won't let him out of the bedroom for three weeks. *ship ship ship ship ship*

-Gonna be canon. Bastards keep grinning at each other. :p
The only "challenger" seems to be ShikaIno, and their only proof seems to be that they're on the same team. The one occasion Ino had of doing anything romantic, she made do with a supportive hand on Shika's shoulder. The rest of the time she notices him as much as she notices Chouji, and she notices them both as her background crew who will always be there to listen to her bitch. (... I actually like Ino. :laugh )

My Fanon Favorites

-Much more interesting than either of the Shika pairings. Shika is lame and lazy in bed anyway. u.u Battle of the blondes!

-Wait, it's not canon?

-yessss, top that bitch, Sasuke, top it hard. He's the only one in your life you can actually top~ (mmmm jealousy, so sexy.)

-I don't see it as a serious thing, Ino has it in her head that she wants a sasuke or Sai type, but they're both fun-loving, loud and enthusiastic, and they would SO have a torrid sex affair where they keep doing kinky stuff all over the place. I don't see it as lasting very long, but they'd break the bed and traumatize the neighbors in the meantime. XD

Pairings I dun liek cuz i'm a hater like that

Itachi/anyone not Sasuke or Kisame or another akatsuki:

I don't get why Kakairu is so friggin popular and KakaGai is like nonexistent. I don't especially want to read about Gai's love life, because while he is awesome, the idea of him in bed is SCARY. But at least he has an actual friendship/rivalship with Kakashi.

I've read some good kakairu stories, but by god WHY IS IT SO POPULAR? D: They don't even talk to each other more than twice in canon, and one of these times is a short spat where kakashi tells Iruka to STFU and that he has nothing to say about how Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are treated anymore. It's an okay crack ship, not worse or better than many crack ships, but it's still a crack ship, so what gives. D:

It makes me sad in my kokoro to know that the only reason KakaIru > GaiKaka is because Gai isn't pretty enough. ;_;

KakaYama anyone? >.>