Boba was flying the slave 1 when he got a contact from someone. He answered it and it was a person wearing a grey sweater, had black hair, and looked very tired.

Boba- Fett here.

????- Good so I did get thr right channel.

said the man while drinking some tea.

Boba- Got a job for me to do?

????- Yes. But it will require something.

Boba- Like?

????- I understand you are the best bounty hunter in the galaxy and have the best bounty hunting ship am I correct?

Boba- You heard right. Now what is it you want?

????- Are you aware of the Kira case?

Boba- Heard a few things. Havent put a bounty on him yet so im not looking for him.

????- Well im offering a good award for helping with this case if your interested.

Boba- What exactly do you need me for?

????- All I require is your ship and your support.

Boba- Forget it. Im not working for the police, causes too much trouble.

????- It's a good reward.

Boba thought for a second.

Boba- Name your price.

????- Ten million.

Boba thought again.

Boba- Get your things ready. Where do I pick you up at?

????- Coruscant in the entertainment district.

Boba- Be there soon, I got a bounty there anyway.

????- Very good. I shall get all the equipment I need and await for you at docking bay 210.

Boba went off and got his bounty there and went to the entertainment district on Coruscant to docking bay 210 and found the person with a suitcase or two.

????- Hello Fett. You can call me Ryuzaki but my code name is L.

He walked in the Slave I without Fetts permission.

Boba- Please come in....

He said sarcasticaly and L noticed the person tied up muffling.

Person- Hey man get me out of here! My boss can pay you double with what their paying!

L- Sorry im not into spice buisness.

He kicked the man in the face and knocked him out cold.

Boba thinking- Kids got spunk.

L sat down in the co-pilots seat and pulled out a peace of candy and ate it.

Boba- Hye watch where you put your trash! This isnt a luxary yacht y'know.

L- Yes I know. But don't worry, with the combined technology of your ship and the police forces we should have this investigation cleared not too long.

Boba- Thats what they all say.

L- Well I understand you can track down people easy so I'm going to take advantage of that.

Boba- What do I need to know about this Kira?

L took out some more peices of candy and started stacking them.

L- Aparently he has the ability to kill anyone just by looking at them so far but we don't know if his power is god-like and we don't know what he looks like.

Boba- I've dealt with masked criminals before.

L- Yes im sure. But Kira is different, he has made no physical appearance whatsoever so we cannot even guess what he looks like. And he uses a voice disguiser apparently to disguise his real voice so we can't even get a voice imprint.

The candy he was stacking was wabbling.

Boba- And how long have you been looking on to this?

L- A few weeks.

It was kind of creepy looking at L the way he was sitting in the dark and the actual way he was sitting.

L- So shall we get started? Can you give me a full detail on how your ship works?

Boba showed him the details on how the radar and tracking systems work and the other machines.

L- Very well. This machine will be tricky but I'm sure I can get it. By the way Fett, I thought you worked with the police?

Boba- No. I get my bounties and turn them in from there.

L- Oh. Well im sorry if I misjudged you.

Boba- Nothing taken. Im going to gas up the slave 1 and we'll go to Nar Shaddaa.

L- What will we obtain at Nar Shaddaa?

Boba- The Hutt's know a little more than the police do. Maybe they can give us a lead to Kira. Better get used to long hyperspace travel kid, we're going to alot of places.

A few days later, Light killed another criminal as he locked himself up in his room again.

Ryuk- Still enjoying your new toy I see.

Light- Of course.

He tossed Ryuk an apple and Ryuk ate it in under ten seconds.

Ryuk- Word is, is that now the police have Boba Fett himself after you.

Light- So what?

Ryuk- I've seen the guy in action. If I were real myself I probably wouldn't want to run into him.

Light- Whats your point?

Ryuk made his wheezy laugh.

Ryuk- Just making a point. Just better hope the police aren't looking for you better dead because im sure if Fett found out that you were Kira, I'm sure the last thing you'll see is Fett aiming a blaster at you from across a room.

Light- Better him than Darth Vader or a group of Stormtrooper's.

Ryuk- Hehehe. True, besides, even if we did the eye deal you would know their names but not their faces. I think the Empire suspected something like this. Almost everyone in it is masked.

Light- I'll have time to worry about that later. But for now I have to get to school.

He left his room, taking his Death Note with him. Boba Fett was a maximun speed in his Slave 1 to get to the surface of Coruscant.

Boba- Why didn't you tell me you were a high school student!?

L- I thought you would have guessed.

Boba- Damn it! For someone on the police force to think you wouldn't have school.

L- Sorry. But...

Boba- But what?

L- Well I was so interested in your ship's technology I forgot to mention it.

Boba- Ghosts of the Jedi kid! Im not a parent nor a babysitter.

They finally landed at the school he was going to. Everyone else was dressed the same way, all except L.

Boba- So when do you get picked up?

L- Around 3:00 P.M.

Boba- Alright then. I'll be getting bounties and trying to get what I can on Kira.

L- You do that.

L walked off and Boba noticed a group of kids huddled together and heard one yell "Hey weird kid!" and saw the four go after L and one tried to punch him but L punched one but one other one grabbed his arm's and the other's started to beat him up. Boba thought eventually someone will get him, but then he remembered Jango, so he ran out to confront the kids.

Boba- Hey!

Bully- What you want some too?

The kid turned around and saw Fett standing there with his rifle in his hand.

Bully- Uh. Boba Fett, lets get out of here!

They ran off and Fett kneeled down to help L up.

Boba- You alright kid?

L- Yes im fine. They always pick on the smart people here because they have the lowest grade in my class. Im not their first.

Then another kid came up with brown hair only he seemed like a smart kid as well.

????- Hey whats going on? Are you alright?

L- Yes I'm fine.

The boy noticed Boba.

????- Y-your Boba Fett aren't you? It's a great honor to be in your presence sir!

Boba- Save the gratitude. Now your bell is about to ring. Can you watch him?

????- Yes I can.

Boba- Please do.

????- How come he's with you? It's not like you to just bring kids to school.

L gave him a look for him not to tell.

Boba- His parents did me a favor so I'm returning it.

????- Alright well lets get going. Again it was a pleasure meeting you Boba Fett.

They walked off then Fett said something.

Boba- Hold up!

????- Yes?

Boba- Whats your name?

????- Light. Light Yagami.

Boba- Oh your Soichiro's kid. I've helped him once.

Light- With what?

Boba- Ever see that scar on his leg? Some mugger's did that, and I helped him out on it. Now get going.

Light and L walked off and as they went into the building, something in Fett made him feel either good or sick to his stomach he went in the Slave 1 and turned on the air cooling systems and took off his helmet and was wondering if he should mourn. But he was a Fett, and Fett's don't cry. But something that made him help L out seemed odd, then he remember something his dad did when he got into a fight with some bullies on Tatooine.

**flashback effect**

Bully- Come on Fettso! Fight back!

They were kicking him on the ground and then Jango came in holding a pistol up in the boy's face.

Jango- Pick on someone your own size. Or someone else on your level of manpower. How old are you?

Bully- Uh... eleven.