Jango- And your beating up a six year old? Pathetic!

Jango shot at the boy's feet close to him and he scared him away.

Boba- Thank you dad.

Jango- Your going to be alright son. I think it's time you learn your Mandalorian heritage, starting tomorrow we begin your training.

Boba- Yes dad.

**another flashback effect**

Jango- Thats how you do it son! You have great aim with that blaster.

**another flashback effect**

Walon Vou- Well Jango. Your kids good with a blaster. How about fighting?

Jango- We'll start working with that.

**another flashback effect**

A sparring match.

Jango- Predict my movements!

Then Jango pulled a gun on Boba's head.

Jango- Rule number 1: If you do not have a blaster and your enemy does, take it away from them or toss it somewhere else. Or maybe use it against them.

Boba- Yes dad.

**another flashback effect**

A sparring match with Boba besting his dad.

Jango- I'm very proud of you son. You'll make a great Mandalorian someday.

**another flashback effect**

Geonosis, Jango was knocked down then noticed a Jedi running towards him. He was shooting at him and he was blicking the lasers with his violet lightsaber but eventually cut his gun in two and Jango not being able to fly with his jet pack damaged he was decapitated before Bobas eyes.

**flashback to reality**

Boba- Dad. If you can hear me. I hope im making you proud.

He put his helmet back on and flew off to get some bounties. Hours later he was at least fifteen minutes past picking up L only this time he had two more people in the Slave 1 tied up.

Boba- Ignore them.

L- Will do.

Boba- So, is Light a nice guy?

L- Why do you want to know?

Boba- Just curious. His dad was generous enough to have a drink at the cantina after I saved him.

L- I see. Yes I suppose he inherited kindness from his father.

Boba- You didn't tell him who you were right?

L- Actually I did. He said he may want to help us with this investigation.

Boba- Oh great, another mouth to feed.

L- Don't worry. He's actually quite smart himself, me and him were the only ones who aced the test today.

Boba- How long does he have?

L- I gave him until tomorrow to give his choice.

Boba- He better make his mind up quick. By the way kid, I need you to ditch the Kira investigation for a couple of hours.

L- What for?

Boba- Would you find it offensive if I used you as bait?

L- That depends on what.

Boba- Theres a bounty meeting a contact later on. Well I got one of them but he wont tell me anything. So I need you to meet his contact while I get the bounty.

L sighed.

L- Very well, if it get's you more credits. Besides, im running low on tea and sugar cubes.

Later on Light locked himself in his room again.

Light- So they do have Fett looking for me. But not to worry, I just need to not look suspicous and I have no problems.

Ryuk- Good luck.

He made his wheezy laugh.

Light- Soon, I'll get Ruzaki and Boba Fett out of my way. Then no one will stop me!

The next day after school Light came in the Slave 1 with L.

Boba- He agreed?

L- Yes.

Boba- Well, welcome aboard. If you have a girlfriend, I recommend you take your buisness in the cargohold.

Light- It's an honor to work with you Boba Fett. But I thought you worked alone?

Boba- A certain amount of credits convinced me.

So later on they were working on the investigation, for many months the same school/bounty hunting routine was going on and then L began having suspicians about Light. Fianlly after Boba had another bounty on Coruscant they were walking and Light dropped his stuff and Boba noticed a black notebook.

Boba thinking- Death Note?

He picked it up and then read names in it, they were the criminals names and then he noticed a creepy tall black creature with sharp teeth that smiled.

Light- Hey give me that!

Boba- What is that thing!?

Boba aimed his gun at the creature and the creature laughed.

L- What is it Boba?

Boba- Can't you see that?

Then he thought, the Notebook. He handed it to L and L backed up and read the notebook.

L- A shinigami...

Boba- And thats not all, Light Yagami is Kira.

He aimed the gun at Light's face.

Light- What are you talking about!? Shimigami??

Boba- Isn't it obvious? The notebook labled Death Note, the killing's, the names in the book. Their the same names as the criminals! Kira has been working with us all along!

Light- No! Your wrong! I am not Kira!

Boba- Explain that.

Light- I don't see anything!

Boba- Come with me silently. And I wont have to shoot you.

L- We want him alive Fett.

Boba- Ryuzaki, stay out of this. Get back to the ship.

Light took a rock and tossed it at Bobas helmet and almost knocked it off.

Light thinking- Damn! I almost had it off. Then I could have wrote his name down.

But he ran off in some alleyways and ran into some Stormtrooper's.

Light- Help me! That man is chasing me!

The Stormtrooper's saw Fett coming.

Boba- Wait! It's a trick. He's Kira!

But the Stormtrooper's shot at Fett but Fett got them first.

Boba- If you value your life. Come with me now!

Light- No!

He ran off again.

Light thinking- I'll have to get the helmet off of him. Then quickly right his name in. I have to spring a trap. But how?

Then he thought of Stormtrooper's.

Light thinking- Stormtrooper's! It may not work, but it's my only shot!

He ran into crowds of people, so did Fett.