Ya, so here I am having fun and whatnot in Pakistan. Zomg wut? Pakistan!!!?!?!? Anyways, we were driving back from an area that was 2 hours away from where I was staying.

Half way back, while stuck in traffic we hear this huge popping sound and then there was tons of sand that just rose up into the air from the truck in front of us. Everyone thought there tires had popped so people started getting out of there cars and checking, even us. But it was not a tire popping! Then we thought it was a gunshot cuz it was a very loud sound. We looked aound and nothing was "wrong". Then the traffic started moving very slow.

Then less than a quarter mile ahead we saw 2 trucks and 1 car. both trucks had fallen onto there side and the car was completely destroyed. It was an accident. A bad one at that.

Anyways. Seeing as how Pakistan isn't in its best state, we thought we were goners. W/e. Im not dead yet o-o. What a fun day....