Hey this is where you can go to see what days I should be on. Some I'll prbly be busy but I'll try to make time. mkay? {Goes by week. Monday - Friday I have school so unless i say no school i have school}
March 1st- March 8th
March 1st Bday party for Aiko{yes ALL my friends have nicnames that are japanese. or chinese}
March 2nd- Grandpa is here. *sighs* how boring. BUSY will be on later
March 3rd- Cheerleading practice
March 4th- Karate & Swimming
March 5th- Tae Kwon Do & Swimming
March 6th- Play
March 7th- Going to Usagis Bday Party. {dont have swimming}
March 8th- Come back from Usagi's. Swimming. Naruto. {Still stay up till 5 in the morning if I feel like it.}
There is week one. For each week I will just add a comment thing so yeah.