I've come to the realization that in just about every picture of Chouji at the start of the Anime (especially during the chuunin exam) he looks horrible. Not because he's the rolliest of polly's but like they had no budget, but only for his character.

And it all makes sense. Chouji is there to look like shit. That was Kishimoto's intention because he realized that he can't draw girls and women that look feminine, so he has Chouji stand somewhere in the background. He continues to pan the camera to Chouji to show him standing around, looking like shit, so that Sakura and Ino and especially Kurenai look better by comparison. I mean Kurenai is one manly looking woman. Let's face it there is not a single other Jounin other than Asuma who could have handled her broad shoulders and rippling back muscles. That being said, Chouji, who's not even in her squad, has to be shown as often as possible during those one on one fights. Kishi was at a disadvantage during the fight between the Jounins, Itachi and Kisame. Kurenai was flexing all over the place and he didn't have the advantage of panning over to Chouji to level out the manliness of her stature. Chouji is like a Kurenai chaser.

Chouji is at the epicenter of oogliness. Once again, I want to reiterate, not because he's fat, but because he looks like shit. I challenge anyone to go back and watch the start of the chuunin exam, glance at Chouji and think "Oh. Wow. He's a well put together young man." No you'll think, damn Chouji's looking like shit, but for some reason Hinata and Ino look really fine.