So I'm sure if you look at my blog you'll notice lots and lots of D&D characters. But today I'm going to only talk about three of them and how I came up with the ideas for them.

Sebastian Jacobs -- Cleric/Radiant Servant.
Sebastian gets around as a D&D character. Currently he's in two game in the roleplaying forum. In my mind there are three reasons Sebastian is awesome--his connection to the real world, his style, and his consistency.

First and foremost, Sebastian is connected to the real world. A lot of his attitudes come directly from my head, and some of his back-story mirrors my own life in a fashion. He's an exercise in exploring how to be devout.

Secondly his style is not based on roll-playing. Although he fits the role of party cleric/healerbot pretty well, Sebastian is primarily a roleplaying character. There are many feats and abilities he could have had which I elected not to take because it would make for a bad story.

Lastly, he's ethically consistent (Or as ethically consistent as possible). For example, the younger sister of an old friend of his had an undead minion. Sebastian was ready to slay his friend's sister on the spot then and there in order to remain true to his faith (Pelorites do not tolerate the undead or those who create them in any way, shape or form). As part of this consistency, he had no problems with calling out a Paladin over what might have qualified as an evil act.

Genevieve -- Fighter

My second character in the entire roleplaying forum, Genevieve is a large orc girl with big weapons. The inspiration for Genevieve is largely taken from fairy tales such as Cinderella, and manga like Berserk.

I like Ginny because she has this ongoing theme of inner conflict. She really doesn't like the fact that she's a half-orc, and dreams of being a princess. Hence she's probably never going to take a level in barbarian--the favored class of half-orcs because that would be embracing a part of her she would prefer didn't exist.

As a combatant, she's fearsome. For dungeon-crawling she's useful and has managed to save the party from a watery grave on one occasion.

Rebecca Ward Valentine -- Bard

Rebecca is fast coming into her own as a character. I was divided over whether or not I wanted to play a bard as bards suffer from a few weaknesses, but due to a few feat choices and weapon customizations, she more than compensates for her low HP and AC.

A big part of her character hinges on a feat from the Book of Exalted Deeds and the guitar. Gifted with knowledge of some of the Words of Creation, and a spectacular singing voice at a very young age, becoming a bard was only natural for her.

I based her off the performers of Macross. Minmei, Basara, Sheryl, Ranka, all of them come together with a dash of Haruka from Furikuri. Other aspects of her character come from the Crossroads Myth.

Rogues were less my style and we had a rogue at the time. But bards. Bards are great fun too.