Have you already desired something very badly? So badly that your whole body and mind would be screaming for it, so badly that you would be ready to sacrifice your existence for it?

A desire that one knows will never be fulfilled.
A desire that devoured you for years, never ending.
A desire dissolving your life little by little.
A desire so strong it makes you cry helplessly.
A desire that make you suffer like nothing else before.
A desire destroying your sanity and peace of mind.
A desire impossible to describe, even with a thousand words.

That desire is unreachable. An impossible desire. An unrealistic desire. A desire so improbable that it cannot even be shared.

A desire, a dream. A dream you keep wishing for it to be true, in spite of the sufferance it brings you. Your heart is aching, your mind is dark. Yet, you hope. Hope that is destroying you little by little. Hope that is crushing you, hope that makes your life seem like a burning inferno. Hope that is ravaging your saneness.

A desire that will never be fulfilled. A hope that is only a mere illusion. But in your desperation, you cannot stop believing, you cannot stop wishing.

An unhealthy desire you cling to for your life. A painful desire that destroys you, and yet keeps you alive. Without that desire, your existence would be blank and cold, meaningless. The key to your survival, and to your slow death.

I can't help myself holding to it. My only medicine is trying to forget what I crave for. Trying to forget my mind's unusual starvation. Forgetting the single wish as it consumes my insides. Ignoring the pain, the loss, the anxiety.

The single desire.
A dangerous desire.