ah today is my day off from the redundancy that is work. i work in one of the most expensive malls in nj where half of the females have had some type of plastic surgery done to themselves, and vanity is tops. what i dont get is how many fugly dudes go to that mall. the ratio doesnt make any sense! how are all these knifed up beauty pageant eligible broads are getting all decked out for a bunch of people that are less than stellar is beyond me. myself and my fellow female coworkers have been trying to figure it out for months.

it especially sucks to see the pickings when you are single and spend 40 plus hours a week at the same location. at this rate, if i do stay at that location, i will always be single. you figure a mall of all places would have a vast variety of people to shop. unfortunately not in this one. eh oh well, im too old to be looking for love in the mall anyway lol. but in this case, since i am there most of the week working, id figure something decent would come my way lol.

my male coworkers luck is different of course, given the number of attractive women that both work and shop in the mall. hes gotten w/at least half of the women that work there. totally out of focus, but i also lacked focus several years ago when my social life was top priority over all.

he was upset yesterday because one of his jumpoffs from the mall got into a huge argument w/him over people finding out about their sexual encounters. he told this guy he was cool with about them having sex. what he didnt know was that the guy's girl was good friends w/his jumpoff, and well you know how the story goes. he started getting into his rant about how women give him a headache and all this nonsense. i asked him why he was mad at his jumpoff when he should be mad at the guy who ratted him out. he says the guy told his girl while he was drunk and it was an accident. i think its a bullshit excuse, and a bunch of people including himself had a big mouth. of course, he didnt like when i brought that point up either.

in the end, people got to learn the hard way, when it comes to jumpoffs, they are usually supposed to be private (even though the info always leaks out but its the principle of the thing). why hes still in bragging mode like a high schooler is beyond me. but at the very least, his chronicles keep me entertained at the job since my love life has been in a voluntary halt since november. if im going to get out of this rut, i have to find a way to get out more while balancing work and other obligations. its tough being a responsible adult i tell ya.