Have any of you almost drowned before, felt the water filling your lungs, felt that helplessness as you try to fight against the water all around you. When i was 13 or 14 I almost did. I got invited to hang out with some of my friends at the swimming pool one of them had. I told them I couldn't swim, but they asked me to come anyway, and be a dumb ass I went. I sat in the waiting side of the pool while everyone else played in the rest, the deepest being ten foot. Everything was going find until one of there little sister decided she wanted me to play with all of them. Now it wasn't her necessarily that caused it, but when she came over to try an get me everyone else came over and the moving water start moving me out. At first it didn't bother me, I was okay with it at first, let her try to drag me further into the pool while explaining that i couldn't swim so she'd let me go. I turned to walk back to waiting side but my feet couldn't grip, couldn't catch a grip even though i was still touching the bottom. I didn't panic, i should have, but i didn't. i tried using my hands like i saw everyone else doing to paddle back, but it didn't work, i just went, further and further back, but i still didn't panic. the shirt i was wearing filled up with air like a life preserver and kept me floating, but by then i was asking for help. i kept floating out in the pool thinking to myself how big is this damn thing until i reached the middle, right at the ten foot mark. I knew something bad was coming and the fact no one was trying to help sent this cold chill through my spin. and sure enough i was right, the something bad happen, all the air in my shirt burst through the top and i sank straight down. I still wasn't freaking out, even as I dropped through all that water, the fact that i was skinning hadn't registered in my head yet. Truthfully it was peaceful, well until my feet touched the bottom and my ears popped, it was like a gun going off, a shot being fired next to my head. My body moved before my mind caught up and I jumped trying to scream at the same time. When my head popped out and i was screaming "help!!!!!!!!!!!" they looked at me and thought i was joking and i sunk back down, my hands were slapping the water, feet were kicking and it wasn't doing shit. One of there little sisters, she was the youngest with us was, wearing a floaty an i grabbed on it for a second until i realized it was her and pushed her away. If i was going die I didn't guilt on me on the way out. I sunk again and water filled my lungs, water is the only thing I've never been able to fight against, never been able to out power, the first fight i couldn't win. I some how pushed back up and they finally realized i wasn't joking. they stuck out on of those stupid stick floaters trying to pull me in, but i couldn't get a grip and finally told them to throw it in. I was finally able to get to the side of the pool and pull myself out, i cursed everyone, but the little girl out, my friends, their parents, the people there that i didnt know. It was the only time in my life i felt that much fear, and wasnt cause i though i was going to die, it was the way. For me the thought of drowning like that, in a pool at that age with people around me was, it was just something i didnt like. If I ever get that feeling to kill myself again, I want it to be quick, i dont want the chance to think or remember what was worth living for, but those feelings arent there anymore.