My E-Family!

I have an e-family too you know..

E-Set Designer and Boyfriend
Franky: Look at my sig, I got reps for them, it's time for you to rep the one who created them. And I love him too!!! :ohpek

Shibo Uirusu: She likes cute things like baby dragons, just like me! Hurt her... and YOU DIE! :amuse

Red_Sands93- He is the most-ABSOLUTELY sweetest person in the whole NF! I warn you, if you touch even one strand of his hair.. YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!!! (xpt. good ppl, ofcourse.. :sweatdrop) He's a good daddy and I love him (in a father-daughter way!)

Shana Reboke- She's a very nice mommy indeed!

latina-chan- she's nice! :awesome
FreshFru!ts- dunno haven't caught her on
edward_clarice- -same-
Kiba_Wolf- She's very cheerful and I realised we are e-sisters in the Sasori FC.
infinite- She gives a wee bit hard questions in the Gaara FC, she's a nice sister too and is good on making sets.
Konan 13- Repeats stuff over and over lol ._.

Rem- he's cool.... un...
limatt- he has a good taste of sets.
Narutofreak1789- BEST E-BRO EVAH!!! Shannaro! We both love the 'F-Word' anyway...
xxrokudaimexx- Kapwang pilipino!! Yeah! lol
Combinatorix- He said I look cute. ^^
xsasuke24x- I met him in MSN

Star Light- She is very KIND!! She is my BFF!! :iria
Narutofanatic12- A.K.A. the e-noying cousin, that's what he said to me, don't blame me...

♥ Angel ♥- She is veryyy friendly...

Nao Masurin: He's very funny! (lol)

Fujioka: she's my bff too!
Star Light: Nicer than nicest. Words can't explain it tho.
Minaruko: nice!
Naruko: She is a nice mod!
Iria: She is my first mod friend here!

Gaahh!! I have no more relatives here, just tell me if you want to be one and I'll add you right away more faster than you can say:


Maybe I can, maybe I can't.