My e-wife: :ohpekChiaki Minami:ohpek
(ish *_Hinata_* for those of you who don't know) I love you a lot, why are you invisible from me? I want to be able to see your beauty! :arg

My E-Daughter(s):

pink princess: she was banned! Nyaaagh! :cry

Kaolla Su: we adopted her after a certain........urm...."incident" yes, that's it...incident...*cough cough* well, anyways, she's a part of the family now...she is currently helping me make upgrades to my Baka Photon will be released to the public soon enough, so you'll just have to wait in li- OI, NO PUSHING!!!

My e-brothers (and e-brothers in law):

Red_Sands93: PERVIES UNITE!!!

Blood Reaper: he ish cool, i suppose...i annoy him easily, but,'s what i do...oh! and he's kinda pervy too...ufufufufufufu....

My e-sisters (and e-sis' in law):

~Rikku~: enjoyable to be around and loving also a hooker...but i guess i can't stop her from being what she is, nyagh...

Lovable: hmmm...haven't heard from her recently....

♥ Angel ♥: 1st Neko sis- nyagh! she's nice and fun...but scary.. nice combo for a sis of mine

Sakura Uzumaki: 2nd Neko sis- Don't make me get out the spray bottle again!

Fastest Guitarist: also haven't heard from her recently...

Sakura~Renge: she was supposed to be my e-mom... oh well, she's fun to be with! (older)

E-parents (in law, of course cuz i'm a freakin e-orphan!):

Mother-in-law: mai yelly at Nao! ....give me a treat, and i'll overlook it...

Father-in-law: Knight of Cyondia- ....i have no witty comment for him... please try again later, or hang up and dial again

I'll get any I missed later....when I have time....if I get around to it....when I feel it's necessary to...bleh