Yeah, sometimes I guess I am.

Teklet has been to visit me 3 times this summer. She's starting to get to an age where she's a bit difficult to deal with. As awful as it may sound, I'm glad I'm not the one raising her anymore.

I still work too many hours but I did finally get a pay raise. The boss wanted me to take on more responsibility and was hounding me for an answer. I'd put in the paperwork for a raise (he's supposed to do it but he never does), so I told him my answer to the extra work would depend on his answer to my pay raise. So, yeah. I did get a nice raise but also a crapload more work to do.

Summer is starting to wane and I am already dreading winter. But I hope that I don't let that dread ruin what's left of the nice weather. I think sometimes about moving somewhere that doesn't get so much snow and cold but those places have things to deal with, too. Like giant bugs or hurricanes.