Talus walks over to Fyodor and puts his hand on his shoulder. ?You have to be-? Fyodor's head rolls off and his body collapses limp.

Talus' pupils dilate in horror. A light splash of blood and then a geyser erupts and dies leaving a torrent of blood washing over the floor. Talus' lips tremble, his legs freeze. A giant set of eyes appear over Eridaltia. Then another above that, eyes appear on the walls and on the ceiling and in the puddle of blood on the floor. Talus finds his eyes gazing upon Eridaltia's bare back, a mark shaped like two black wings cover the surface. He screams, but no sound comes out. The image of his terrified face appears in on of the eyes in front of him. The scream he tried to utter fills and shakes the hallway amplified ten times over. Talus instinctively covers hears in a attempt to keep out the noise.