I'm an 'old fart' (age 30+) on these forums at NarutoFan... Happily, I am not alone - there are a number, albeit small, of us who don't define our tastes in entertainment by the age level we have attained.

I have loved fantasy, science fiction, mystery and gothic genres of books and movies all my life. Some of my favorite books include ?

Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice (most anything by her)
The Witching Hour by Anne Rice
Blook Canticle by Anne Rice
Harry Potter Series
Dune by Frank Herbert
Eragon/Eldest by Christopher Paolini
His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman
Pendragon series by DJ MacHale

My favorite movie changes from time to time, but my all-time never-get-tired-of-watching-it movie is ?La Belle et La Bete? by Jean Cocteau, 1943. French ? subtitled in English. I first saw this movie on TV with commericials ? sometime before I started taking French in school in 7th grade. I was able to read the subtitles, but it didn?t really matter ? the beauty and mood of each scene transfixed my imagination and sent me to another world. The story is very stylish and elegantly told version of ?Beauty and the Beast? and for its day the special effects ? smoking, smoldering fur on the beast after a kill ? candelabra made of arms open outwards in the main hall of the castle to instantly light the way of a visitor ? still look eerily brilliant today. And the gowns that Belle is given to wear? I would have given anything to be able to dress in one of them and wear it to a ?ball? sometime in my life.