Hi, first off introductions are in order. My name is Travis, I'm weird, 16, coming up 17 in August the 2nd. I attend a high school in Melbourne, currently undertaking year 11.

I'm starting a blog in a lame attempt to improve my writing skills for a more fluent style for which I've been meaning to do for a really long time now (couple of years), yes, I'm a procrastinator. I have had a couple of other blogs all over the place, sites such as xanga,livejournal ect but never stuck with it. I've realized that there is not enough time in the world to procrastinate and I should be more productive in the time I have left. Sounds depressing? I thought so too.

Hopefully reader, that is you, will see an improvement in my blogs if you even bother to read this bullshit. If you do, <3.
I have a youtube where I occasionally make stupid videos http://youtube.com/user/travychan. Bye