Wow... we have blogs, on narutofan...

Let's make use of them.

An introduction: I'm TheraHedwig, also known as Thera Dratara, my real name is Wolthera van H?vell tot Westerflier(quite a mouthfull) and I'm dutch.
Uhm, I'm still in highschool, will graduate(again, I have a diploma already, but for a lower grade) over a year, and when I graduate I'll be doing something with art.
The artist's gallery is the place you'll find me most, people there know me for my digital paintings and comic/manga work I do.

I have several projects I work on, of which the most advertised and longest running would Streets of Ganjet, my main comic, which is at four chapters and ongoing.

I'll be using this specific post to make an index of the upcoming posts and threads I make.

Streets of Ganjet
Untitled short story
Rpgmaker XP game

None yet

Fun stuff:
None yet.