My mind has always been somewhat out of my control.
Lately it's getting worse. Where I used to be able to slow down and evaluate things when I really needed to, I can't. I used to be reliable for advice. (it's part of the reason my roommate and I were friends in the first place... we both tend to know when to pull the other back)
I can't keep with anything for more than a half hour, if that. I'll be having a conversation with someone incredibly interesting on MSN... and then my mind tells me I have to go do something else. Make food, run to the store for something trivial, play Xbox, clean something... the list is endless. And it's aggravating. You could say I'm in a constant state of wanting to be somewhere else, even when I like where I am.
I'm not getting work done, I'm losing touch with my friends, and for once, I'm really not having fun.
My mind needs a leash.

EDIT: One of my favorite things about these blogs is how I can look back at them 15 minutes later and see how frustrated I was and how quickly I recover from that kind of thing.
I'm still not happy with the way my mind works lately, but eh, such is life. I'll be alright.