Turns out I actually can sing. I have a short solo piece in the Thespian Society pledges' horribly unprofessional, disorganized induction skit. Example piece to come.

Bone bruise on my ankle is finally healing, I should be able to skate again by the end of the week... which means back to hockey, finally. I really miss the game.

Finals in two weeks. I've got six computer programs due the Friday before--this being every program assigned the entire semester, which I never got around to doing yet. But at least I'm finally getting started.

Went and got my brain examined yesterday. (Psychiatrist.) Apparently I might have ADHD and they'll need to do some tests. It would definitely explain a lot. A bit scary to think about the possibility of being medicated though, you know? They give you something that changes your brain... it makes you wonder if you'll be the same person, if you'll be as happy or as easygoing or as... you as you were before.

There's a cute girl in the next room, I probably shouldn't keep her waiting much longer.