[ I'd like to thank all the people who answered to my last blog entry. I didn't expect so many members to read it. Reading your opinions was interesting though. ]

It's when I am far from my computer that I get the best ideas. I can think of so many things that would be worth sharing in a blog or in a book... I can think of so many things to create and artistic concepts... However, they seem to escape me whenever I sit in front of the screen and start typing.

"Write them down!" some might tell me. How could I, while I am walking in the streets? How could I, while I am working, cooking or sleeping? I try to grab them, but already it is too late; they ideas left me, leaving only a mere shadow behind.

I spend many hours trying to materialize this urge I have to paint. But again, in front of a white canvas, my mind is just as empty. I spend hours looking for inspiration, seeking ideas, hunting down artworks and stories. And yet, I am unable to find something to feed on. I remain hungry.

I am a white page, I am an empty canvas, I am nobody, I have no soul, when I want to give a voice to the images in my head. I paint shadows and old souvenirs.

I am a ghost of myself.