Some people like to use this proof that he did

However, they're misinterpreting what Hagomoro is saying. He didn't say that he gave an ability to anyone and the word everything is too general and they're ignoring why the fight happened, which was the fact that he made Ashura the successor of Ninshu.

Giving Sasuke the Rinnegan doesn't prove that he gave Ashura RSM. This is like saying I gave a million dollars to someone else therefore I gave it to relative. That's how ridiculous this argument is.

Hagomoro made it clear that the avatar was Ashura's power that he manifested through training.


The reason why Hagomoro Sasuke the Rinnegan was to make up for Ashura the successor. The fact that they even believe that that Hagomoro gave him RSM in the manga shows how much they really paid attention to what Hagomoro was saying.