There are plenty of utterly retarded claims they have made that I could use to prove my point, but due to space constraints, let me focus on just one.

Claim: Haruhi did have her powers stolen in novel 4, but she got them back in the end, so that means she was really in control the whole time and the whole thing doesn't count.

Honestly, this line of "reasoning" requires no more comment than this:

But for your edification (and because I feel like ranting), let's thoroughly dissect this idiotic claim.

In addition to an obvious fallacy (ad hoc reasoning), the most glaring problem that stands out immediately is that this idea completely contradicts one of the main plot points of the series: The fact that Haruhi isn't aware of her powers. Of course, when have silly little things like "canon" or "evidence" ever stopped Haruhitards? This is a prime example of their tendency to simply make shit up to support their arguments. They are equally impervious to evidence used against them. I can (and have) provided over half a dozen direct quotes from the novels that prove them wrong, but they keep on spouting their bullshit like no tomorrow. Apparently when a character says something that supports their arguments, it counts, but when that same character says something that undermines them, they can just ignore it. :notrust

Another obvious problem with the argument is that this "logic" could apply to any protagonist in fiction!

"Naruto may have lost a fight here and there, but everything always turns out OK for him in the end, so therefore he can never be beaten by anyone"

If someone tried to seriously make this claim, they would be instantly laughed out of the OBD. But apparently it's somehow considered perfectly acceptable when it's used in regards to Haruhi. So acceptable, in fact, that an OBD moderator (who are supposed to be chosen for their reasoning skills, especially in the context of vs. debates), had the audacity to make this claim!

What exactly is it about the Haruhi Suzumiya series that makes normally reasonable people act like complete morons trying to defend it? It's even worse than DBZ fanboyism in a way, since most DBZ fanboys are unreasonable with everything they debate, not just DBZ. However, normally intelligent and logical people will start spouting fallacies that would make Phenomenol blush when it comes to Haruhi.