My internet provider is hughesnet. And I hate them!:mad I cant get caught up with the Naruto Episodes online b/c of the stupid FAP (Fair access policy) Its a "Policy" that is new to hughes net via last april. They sed that they caused a problem at the hq and that we (the cosumers) have to pay more to fix that problem.
they didnt say what the problem was but as a "Solution":notrust they put up the FAP:mad it is where if we download anything over 200 mb than they shut down our inernet for 24 hours. I think its rediculous because they dont even start over after you download something. And the worse thing is, we cant change our internet provider b/c my parents "didnt want to live in a neighbor hood":mad so we have sucky internet. i have already writen Hughes net down in my death note but i think that they are evil hollow vampires that cant be killed by the power of the death note. Dangit. But if anyone has had to deal with this injustice and have found a way around it, i would be so happy if you told me. :D ty.