Hi Oscar.

Clap clap.

Yes indeed, I am, or rather were, an addict. I don't really want to say what I were addicted to though.

This was something I was addicted to for very long, about five years I think. Since 7th grade that is. This all changed over night though.

quite recently I finished school and started working. That meant that I wouldn't see my old friends as much. However, some of them went to a church and said that I should join sometime.

The problem was that me and my family left the church several years ago so for me to just come back felt a little wierd. I went there and well, it was fun. So I started coming there every friday night and just talked and played some xbox.

This part really sucks
When I felt more comfortable with work, life and friends all hell broke loose. First my grandmother died, that was a punch to the gut. Then my parents decided to divorce. Again. Elbow to the face. And just when they had separated our cat got run over. Kick in the back while lying down.

So that was kinda messed up, I did keep goning to church though. That was atleast a few hours when I didn't have to think about what was happening at home. During this period my addiction got worse but I started to feel that I was letting people down with it. I tried to stop several times but it didn't work.

Usually I never share
Then a few months ago they ask me if I want to go to a skiinig camp with them for a week. I gave it some thought, too much thought infact so I nearly missed the whole thing. Anyway, I pay the money and I join. Quite possibly the best decision I ever made.

It was one of the best weeks of my life, the slopes and the weather was perfect, everyone there were really cool people. And at night there were theese gatherings where the leaders told us about their lives and also read a thing or two from the bible.

But now
On the second last night the oldest leader gave us his whole story, it was very touching. Although I don't think that it was that very night who changed me. The whole week I felt how my life seemed empty and that this camp was the first meaningful event in my life in a very long time.

I decided to change my life. When I got home I removed everything that had to do with the addiction and I haven't felt the urge since.

So congrats to me I guess. And thank Jesus, God and the holy spirit.

I felt I had to
I'm not going to come knocking at your door with my beliefs (I'm not very fond of others who do that to me...), I'm merly saying that this changed my life for the better. Just think about your own lives. When I did I couldn't find anything I had was important, I just hope that you have something to hold dear.

Over and out.