Yup. But that was to be expected. What many were looking at instead though was by how much.
There were polls by as much as twenty points for Clinton and polls that showed Obama winning. In the end though, Clinton carried the state.
Watching CNN, you could see that Hillary carried numerous counties while Obama manly depended on the African American rich areas, including Philly.
If you check CNN, you can see how Clinton is covering the map.
Barack got just a little county here and there, although they were indeed heavily populated places for the most part. Particularly Philly.

So, her winning by 10 points... is it enough? Yea. Not to gain over Obama, but certainly to keep her in the race and the super delegates from forcing their hand. She can still make an argument that Obama can't carry the important states she can. And with McCain's appeal to independents.(And strategy to cut into democrat areas) Thats not good for Obama.

Lets face facts here. I don't believe for a minute that Clinton fans will bite the bullet for Obama if he's the nominee. I really don't. They may sit on it or vote McCain. Clinton appeals to the more center prone democrats than toward plan ol lefties like Obama. And I think Clinton has really solidified her base. They aren't moving toward Obama.
Also, even though Obama outspent her in Penn 5-1, he still had a ten point margin under her. He can't place the finishing blow and thats going to keep her in the race. He tried his best and lost to Hilary. And thats a problem for Obama.

To tell you the truth, I've been hoping Obama wins, largely because I now think he's the weaker candidate, as I indicated in an earlier blog. These results, along with exit polling, is really showing the case.

My prediction for NC, Hillary cuts the current polls there by 5 points. Meaning what ever lead Obama has over there, subtract 5 points.
Now lets wait and see.

(ADDED NOTE: Tax post is coming soon, within the week. Facts you need to know to counter bull!)