She was on her way home after having a hard day from school, Hitomi had spent more time on her training rather than studying once again and earned a C on a math test. She felt so disappointed in herself for the moment being and knew that her father would be expecting better grades from then on. Already, Hitomi could hear the lecture coming from her parents. As she munched on the chocolate bar in her hand, Hitomi looked onward and noticed what appeared to be a man in a chicken costume handing out coupons.

Or at least what appeared to be a man in a chicken suit. She kept on blinking and then arched a brow as soon as the chicken turned around and looked back at Hitomi. The young karate girl then had realized that this-- chicken, was a massive chicken and it appeared to be rather sentient.

The chicken made it's way over to Hitomi and held out a coupon for her. Hitomi just took the coupon in her hand and looked down at it.

"Hmm.. fifty percent off at the nearest Chicken Coop restraunt? Sounds like a deal!" She smiled out to the chicken.

The giant chicken nodded his head and smiled slyly out to Hitomi. He pointed to the restraunt behind him and chuckled out.

"Oh yeah! This is a one time a year only deal! So if you want something to eat, you better get on ahead and get your chicken!"

Hitomi stepped onward and reached out for the door, opening it and stepped inside and proceeded to make her way in line. She resumed on eating her chocolate bar til it was done and placed the foil wrapper in her pocket, but the German-Japanese karate beauty wanted some real food now-- not that she was hungry but she could use something to snack on.

Ten minutes went by and it was Hitomi's turn now. She walked up to the counter and was greeted by the cashier woman behind the counter.

"I'll take the chicken basket with the hash nuggets..." Hitomi requested and offered out the coupon to the cashier woman.

The woman looked down at the coupon and just shook her head, handing Hitomi the sheet back. Hitomi was bewildered now, unable to comprehend why the woman had handed her back the coupon. She looked at the woman with her blue eyes, which had the look of confusion and anger in them.

"I'm sorry, but this is expired!" The woman said.

Angrily, Hitomi turned around and narrowed her eyes at the big yellow chicken who stood outside the window.


Seeing the karate girl's reaction, the big chicken gasped out in utter horror.

Quickly, she ran forward as fast as she could, gaining the necessary momentum as she leapt forward and performed a jump kick-- crashing through the glass window and smashed her foot into the chicken's gut.

But the chicken wrapped his arms tightly around Hitomi, and the two rolled furiously onto the ground before standing back up onto their feet, glaring to each other with anger.

Hitomi and the Big Chicken began to trade punches...