Shonen Jump - Enough said. I think I was about 11 at the time when I bought my first Shonen Jump graphic novel, and then I was hooked. Naruto has always been my favorite manga in it. Ever since the first time I read about Naruto and Team 7's wacky adventures, I was hooked. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next to them!

And plus, the artwork was gorgeous. Masashi Kishimoto is awesome.

And what makes him even more awesome is the fact that he's a huge DB/DBZ fan. Some things in Naruto definetely reflect Akira Toriyama's work, such as Naruto and Goku's orangish/yellow suits, how Naruto going into Kyuubi form really looked exactly like SSJ1 Goku... ect.
I had no idea when I read the manga what would become of Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke and how many awesome characters would be introduced and how deep the plot would become.

I always liked Team 7, you know. It was comical - the way Sakura would obsess over 'Sasuke-kun' and how he would always be the one pwning Naruto. And how Naruto was this complete silly idiot. Or something.

Lol. Afterwards though, when I wasn't buying Shonen Jump for a long time (I hardly buy them now) I drifted away from Naruto. Sure, I thought it was awesome and cool, but for some reason my interest went down when the popularity of Naruto was at it's peak those years... and everyone was saying how great it was. (and the anime)

Then came the first time I watched the anime (on youtube). Funnily enough, back then, I didn't really like the anime when I checked it out. (I remember seeing a preview of the anime in Shonen Jump, but ironically enough, I was dissappointed in the animation style... I thought the manga was much more 'gritty' and less kiddy!) And I think one of the first episodes I saw was when Sasuke and Naruto were fighting in the Valley of the Dead. But I must say, I was really impressed with the animation style. It was so fluid and everything. The opening annoyed me though. (heh, I didn't know that the Naruto series had more than ONE opening). So did Naruto's voice, lmao! I wasn't used to watching anime in Japanese back then.

'Course, lots of my opinions about things have changed since then. I read the manga less and am infatuated with the anime, even though the manga kicks ass. I think the anime has a nice style going for it too.
In 2006 I decided to start watching the ever popular BLEACH - AND Naruto when my interest in Bleach stopped.

Needless to say, as much as I loved Bleach, Naruto had me hooked more for some reason. I can just relate to it better I guess. And here's why, as said by Rinzen (story summary):

In a land were legends are born and die by the law of the shinobi, ninjas become the tools of war between clans, hidden villages and organizations that all want one thing...power.

The story of a underdog with a heart of gold, of friendships made and broken. The unending struggle for acceptance and acknowledgment...
Where the power to believe in yourself and in the ones you care, becomes the power to challenge fate and destiny...

*hears "If you believe it!" from Naruto's German opening. >_<

Basically, yeah. Who wouldn't root for the underdog? I guess that's why I felt that I could relate to Naruto, feeling like the underdog myself, and wanting to prove myself to other people and seek acknowledgment.

Naruto and I have a lot in common. Besides BELIEVIN' IN OURSELVES ( :eek: ) we love Ramen and enjoy fuxxin' around. And we can really dense sometimes. But underneath, we have a heart of gold!

But more than anything, I'd say I'm more of a mixure of Naruto and Sakura. (timeskip Sakura even more... she'll grow up to be a fierce woman, that one. Be determined, girl! You can do it!)

Oh, yeah, I love the music and the openings too. They pump me up!

And so does the music. O_O Holy crap. I had to download so many tracks from it... like 'Sadness and Sorrow', 'Strong and Strike' (work that curse mark, Sasuke!) 'Heavy Violence', and more! Ahhh! So nostalgic! I mean, come on, flutes and electric guitar? Workin' it with ninjas.

Naruto is a great anime. I think DBZ fans will/would like it, because it's very similar in it's ways but then again, I think that is *gasp* better and everything is just pulled off so well. DBZ was a treasure, but the way Toriyama dragged it on (not that I didn't like the Cell saga and Buu saga - if not, then we wouldn't have awesome characters like kid Gohan and Vegeto. They rocked.) kind of didn't make any sense. No, scratch that, it didn't make much sense at all! For many, it killed the show. But I was young then, and just enjoyed seeing my favorite characters fight and kick ass. *_* I loved Goku.

Here I am, totally taken by it. One part I particularly enjoyed a lot was the Sakura/Chiyo VS Sasori fight, of which I loved seeing animated. That's my girl, Sakura! It's just amazing how far her character has come from that girl who hid behind a false facade because of her crush on 'Sasuke-kun'. Not that I didn't find the whole love triangle between Team 7 utterly adorable, really, but things have really changed in Part 2. And, uh, kind of the very reason why I'm a big NaruSaku fan - I believe that the development of Sakura's relationship with Naruto and her acceptance of him was done for a reason... not that I'm placing bets on the end of Naruto here, but I just love any moments that the two have. If it doesn't happen, I won't be too crushed... since I've learned smartly not to let your expectations get the best of you... when it comes to pairings and such.

Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to Sasuke. He was actually my favorite character of the 3. I really respect him and totally resent what had to happen to him... My first reaction when I saw what happened to him with Itachi and all that... That fucking bastard! See, I didn't care if Itachi's hawt, because he hurt my poor sweet Sasuke. ;_; Gah.

Who else do I love? Well, everyone:

Gaara (you were the CUTEST thing when you were little, you know that? You have my affection)
Ino (she's funny)
Shikamaru (work it you lazy genius!)
Hinata (aww, you've grown on me girl, even though my first impression of you in the manga was that you were abnormally shy and really ugly. Forgive me!)
Kakashi (I love how he's so obsessed with those perverted Icha Icha Tactics books. Hey, I've got some Kakashi in me aswell!)
Tsunade (You kick ass, Baa-chan. o.O Seriously. Your tremendous strength makes me cower in ph34r. I LOVE YOU! *goes lesbian for Tsunade* Plus, your past. It really shows you why you are how you are, and your determination. Indeed, Sakura is like a 'second Tsunade!')
Jiraiya (you fucking crack me up, old man)
Kiba (JLFAS;KLAF;LDSF;KLDSF no words needed)
Lee (You are HILARIOUS! But more than anything, your speeches about hard work is one of the reasons that make you such a GREAT guy!)
Temari (is sexy)
Iruka (is hawt)
Orochimaru (is a cool villain)
the old Hokage (R.I.P)
Yondaime Hokage(I want to know more about you! You're like THE Goku of Naruto, sacrificing yourself 'n all to 'save the world'... except you weren't revived 10 times like Goku was)
Neji (You were an asshole when you beat Hinata up, but after Naruto knocked some sense into you you were a pretty kickass guy. And your 'death' scene, in my opinion, was one of the best in the show. It was really intense... but maybe that's just me talking. I honestly thought that you died, even though I knew that you survived to the Timeskip. That guy with all those arms... what he did to you... ah, you were just so helpess! *weeps* *is not becoming a Neji fangirl!*
Chouji (same as Chouji, in that your 'death scene' with the Butterfly just made me tear up! and your friendship with Shikamaru! I'd like to see more of it!)

Ok. That just went totally overboard. But those are my reasons and feelings for loving the Naruto series, and I hope you enjoyed reading. a_thumbs.gif