Purpose: To create a thread dedicated towards the discussion of an anime series.

Members who view these threads shouldn't be asking:

  • Has the latest episode been released?
  • Are there Any Torrents/DDL links available?
  • What is this series about?


1. Check the Anime Thread Directory to ensure the thread hasn't been made as of yet. That thread also provides advice on what items should usually be on the front page of a thread. The thread is updated quarterly, so it may not be the most up-to-date source, but it's a start for older anime series. You may also want to do initiate a "search" to see if such a thread already exists.

Even if the anime series has not officially aired as of the current date, it's still better to do a search because members often create threads months before the series is actually released.

3. Ascertain as much information about the series as possible (e.g. synopsis, air dates, trailers, BT/DDL Episode;Soundtrack or Chapter release links possibly Manga or Fanclub Thread links etc...)

4. Use certain sites as references (ANN, AniDB, various well-respected blogs, etc...)

5. What should a typical Anime Thread look like?

Great Examples:
Maria-sama Ga Miteru
Moonlight Mile

Not so Great Examples:

pocket monsters
Ergo Proxy

Common Questions

1. What happens if the anime thread already in existence fails to provide any worthwhile information (disorganized)?

If the thread is fairly active and you want to take over the thread, just ask the original thread starter for permission and an Smod can move you to the OP position. If the thread starter is m.i.a. then we can just move you to that position to fix it up.

2. I made a thread about an anime series but I won't be available to regularly update it. What can I do?

You can let an Smod know about your situation and talk to one of the members who regularly frequent the thread and ask if any of them wants to take over the thread.

3. I want to make a poll but I don't have the option to add it on =/

Members have the option of adding a poll when they initially create a thread, but afterwards, only staff could add or edit a poll.

4. Should we start a new thread when a new season/OVA series of an already establish anime starts?

It really depends. Sometimes the discussion allows for transforming the original thread into a thread dedicated towards the new season (e.g. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai; Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou--Tou Dai Ni Maku) other times, because the activity is so heavy and convoluted that it would be best to start a new thread (e.g. Mai-Otome Zwei; Code Geass: Predictions For Season 2)

5. Oops...I made a mistake on the thread title. How can I fix it?

If it's in the first 5 minutes of the thread creation, you can click on the thread title and edit it yourself.

Afterwards, only staff can edit thread titles.

Any other questions, comments, or concerns about this topic? Let me know ^_^

This can also be applied to creating manga threads.