Humans or mankind we are so sad and useless aren't we? We are a ruthless murdering civilization we've sought to kill anything that might be of a threat to us. We set ourselves above everything else. The world is in chaos because of us, it was fine until we came along. We've got it programmed in our minds that we should only date someone just based on appearance alone. So for the rest of us who might not hold up to those standards where subjecting ourselves by starving our bodies. Heres an example I use to weigh 190 pounds, I now weigh 145 pounds. Sure I ate healthy, but I only eat once a day, some days I don't eat anything. I want to weigh 140 pounds. I can see my ribs thats kinda cool. You know the world is dying ,but most people don't know that cause their more worried about their own little world to care. As much as I hate it here, I still love the earth it's a beautiful place. But the way it's looking now maybe I should of pulled the trigger back then.....escape we always try and find a way to run away from our problems why? It's human nature to want to kill, face it where all a bunch of animals. I'm just venting so you can ignore it if you want.