There was a time where I was called by the name of Dave,
but everybody around me had a different type of name​

My brother's name was Chaos,
because all the things he did brought destructions and losts
My sister's name was Despair,
because all she could do was to sigh in the air
My mother was named Confuse,
because she didn't know where the hell she got herself to
I had a friend who was called Enjoy what's beautiful,
because all he did was to hang out with beauties which the mind was sinful
I had another friend,
and I though this would last to no end
But something went wrong,
because that guy's name was Traitor
My father's name was Holy,
because he taught me to have mercy
Even so, my soul has already return where it was at first,
in a land where darkness is all that burst
With so many dark events happening,
my name can only be this
I am called Envoy from the dark abyss,
because I've experienced the darkens things happening.​