I went to mexico last week. It is very different there. Reminds me of the Uchiha Gods Fc really; trash and dust everywhere, lots of whores, and everone's either preggers or a guy. or both, true story.

Day 1: Get up way to early, go to church. Get in a big van with 4 other people and a mountain of luggage. I proceeded to instantly rickroll everyone in the vehicle, they didnt get it, and proceeded to have a rave in the back seat. I switched over to moar techno to help it along since it was lulz.

We drove literally all day, listened to random crap off my Zune, and got to the church we were staying at around 8 ithink.

Day 2: Get up way to early, at a church. PAck up and drive until we hit Calexico. There is a Wallmart on the edge of civilization there, I bought a crapload of candy, because I could, and we set off to cross the border. We went right through, no wait or line (big suprise, cause everyone wants to be in mexico right?)

We got to basecamp around 4, and proceeded to set up seven army tents before going to dinner. Dinner was a small Taco stand run by a guy named Angel, and he has the best fish tacos in the entire world. Do not question me on this.

Anyway we went back to camp and hit the sack.

Day 3: Tents. All day. My job basically consisted of pounding rebar into the ground with a sledgehammer (stating the tents). Please make all the sex jokes you want.

After lunch the wind picked up. Picture a empty, dusty field with 25 mph winds blowing dirt clods the size of rats in your face as you try to nail a giant kite made of think canvas into hardpan ground.

I also spent some time helping set up sound and lights, my only escape from the tent staking.

For dinner I had barbeque sauce with some steak on the side.

Day 4: We finished setting up tents in the morning, then did micilanious stuff around camp until the main group showd up.

-- Sidenote: I should explain that I was part of a small group that goes down early every year to help set up the camp. --

So around 3 people started coming. Since My group (called "Spartans" actually) was already there we all stood yelled/screamed/danced out front with (my) music, Dragonforce if your were wondering, blasting to welcome the others.

That night we had our first chapel, I ran lights. narutally as soon as we started, we realized half of the lights didnt work, and had to scramble to rerout power to fix it.

Day 5: Wake up way to early, in a tent filled with stinking guys, on a cot. It was freezeing, my toe almost snapped of when I got up. Not much happened that day, we finished the light and sound setup and waited for the rest of the band to show up (the last night had been only a guitarist) so we could rehearse and fix any kinks.

They got there around 5, we wanted to start at 3. Regardless I checked my lights, and oddly enough they were working, so I went to get dinner. When I got back, half of them had shut off, so I spent the next hour and a half running up someone elses phone bill trying to fix the wiring, only to accomplish nothing.

It actually worked out alright though, none of the students seemed to care about the light show.

Day 6: In the morning we rerouted all the power cords for the lighting, hoping to fix the problems. Ironcially one of the cords got plugged in (not by me) to an outlet that gave in almost twice the power it was supposed to. I'm not sure on specifics, but the result was that most of the lights, and all of the controls for them, were completely fried. As in hundreds of dollars of equipment broken. I'm pretty sure my church isured it tho.

Unfortunaltely for me none of this was realised untill late afternoon, and i spent most of the day checking and rechecking data and power connections. (Also racking up an other hour and a half on someone elses phone)

That was fun.

Day 7: With all the tech stuff fixed (as much as we could) my team of techies got to go out to a few of the mission sites. I video'd a bunch of stuff, and got o visit my old VBS (Vacation Bible School) site, and some of the kids actually remembered me, which was pretty cool.

We also visited a site where they were building a house for a family of NINE who were literally living in a house made of plastic bags.

Day 8: We went out with the 4 pastors of the church and shot a video of them acting like complete retards listening to rap and other random horrible music. I shot some of it myself, and sat in the car for the rest of the time.

Day 9: Video editing on a laptop. All day. I mostly just gave advice, and slept while someone else did the work. lol.

Afterwards we went out to a few more sites, nothing special.

After chapel I was up until 2 packing tech equipment, whice was fun since I was already exhauseted. I dont remember much of that because i was so tired.

Day 10: We got up, and packed up all the tents. 54 army tents, poles and all. Then the Spartan group stuck around to clean up other random stuff as the other 700 people left. My car was the last out.

3 hours at the border, waiting in line. everyone wanted to effing get out of there. We spent 15 minutes in Calexico eating lunch, then left and drove to some random Liberal college. There was a shirt in the lobby there saying "I ~heart~ Vaginas", not kidding.

I found it ironic a liberal college was housing a christian mission trip...

We then went to a church where we spent the night. Two students conspicuously disappeared 1 male and 1 female, and the adults went into a panic to find them. I don't know how it turned out, and I' m not sure I want to.

Day 11: Have I mentioned that my driver is a maniac yet? Average of 90 on the freeway, in a van with 4 teens... Thanks to that we shot through California and made it home about 4:30. Most ot the car ride was spent watching The Office and South park on my friend's iPod.

There you have it. That's my last week in a nutshell. it was a lot of fun, though it wasn't the best trip I've had.